Since my love for Cosmetics runs very deep, I do constantly strive to find the best products out there to offer to my clients. I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging, gentle scents, a fair price and of course the result has to be impeccable on the skin. However the older I am getting and the longer I've been in this industry the more aware I've become of what's even more important. INGREDIENTS!!! Research shows that the FDA has not passed any new regulations in the Cosmetics industry since 1938. That's insane! Our skin is our largest organ and what we use on our skin can have a huge effect on our bodies not only externally but internally as well. Even though this industry is not yet regulated as it should be I do believe it is possible to find products that are beautifully packaged, smell wonderful, are high-performing and most importantly, SAFE for our skin. In my long-time search I have finally found the brand that resonates the most with me, BEAUTYCOUNTER.

BEAUTYCOUNTER'S Mission is to "Get safer products into the hands of everyone". This Beauty brand is not only gorgeous, high-performing and affordable but it's also completely non-toxic and non-chemical. They have banned more then 1500 ingredients from their products and have developed the Never List. It's a list of unsafe ingredients to look out for when shopping for your beauty products. Besides the fact that I've been using the products personally and absolutely love the results, this is why I've chosen BEAUTYCOUNTER to represent independently in my business.

There are a few ways you can get involved in this mission. You can simply shop the line and invest in safer beauty products. You can host a fun social gathering with your friends where I will come to you to share the brand and demo the products. Or you can join my team and become a consultant. 

To learn more about the brand Mission and to Shop the line visit:  BEAUTYCOUNTER

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