Want to create a look that best represents you and your style? Do you want to alleviate the stress of how you look so you can focus on the camera, or what you have to say on stage when you are speaking in front of a large group of people?

Collaborating with a professional makeup artist like Antonella Annibale ensures that you will be at your best when it matters most.  Specializing in on-camera makeup & hair, she will lead you in the right style direction when it comes to your on-camera or stage appearance. Whether you are creating video content for your business or new website photos, having professional makeup & hair styling is essential in completing the look for your personal branding and marketing material. Pricing and packages available via email request. 

Need help putting it all together? Contact Antonella for some of her favorite professionals to collaborate with. Whether it's a Photographer, Video production, Web Designer or even a Personal Stylist, we can help you create the perfect team.